Tanks & RDAs

We carry all of the Tanks, RDAs, and RTAs that your vaping heart desires! Check out our Device Brands below to see all of the brands we carry!


Tanks are usually coupled with pen batteries or regulated mods and will not work with mechanical mods. They work by wicking your e-juice from a reservoir, or tank, to a pre-built atomizer head. The atomizer head then heats up to vaporize your e-juice. The reservoir of a tank is what differentiates it from RDAs. With a tank, you can fill it up and not have to worry about carrying around a bottle of juice with you. We carry a very large selection of tanks including the Protanks V3, the Unitank, the Aspire Natulis, the iClear X.1, and the Genitank Giant. We even carry the huge-cloud producing Sub Ohm Tanks like the Kanger Sub Ohm Tank.

RDAs and RTAs

RDAs, or Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers, are for hobbyists and enthusiasts only. RDAs produce the biggest clouds of vapor of any other atomizer. These types of atomizers only work with Mech Mods and Regulated Mods. You must have the knowledge on how to build your own atomizer coils, how to wick those atomizers, and how to be safe and use these atomizers. RTAs are Re-Buildable Tank Atomizers. They are just like an RDA but have a tank built-in, so you get the best of both worlds. If you want to get the knowledge on how to do any of these, come by the shop and we will be glad to teach you! We also carry everything you need to rebuild you atomizers from Kanthal Wire to Egyptian Cotton

Brands We Carry


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