So why are vapes called MODs? Well, a long time ago, when vaping was just starting to bloom, some crazy inventors took a Mag-Light Flashlight and modded it to be able to vape e-juice as an alternative to buying the cheap gas station e-cigarettes. It was a MODded flash light so they called it a MOD and the name has just stuck with it ever since. Now-a-days Mods are much more advanced than a modded flash light., especially Regulated Mods. Here at Vapor Ville we have two types of MODs. We have Regulated Mods, which are safer, but not as powerful, and Mechanical Mods, which just pull power straight from your batteries.

Regulated Mods

What makes Regulated Mods so unique is the amount of control you have over your vaping device. You can adjust the voltage, on some devices the wattage, and it will almost always tell you what Ohm your coil is at. These mods can use either tanks or RDAs. There are two main types of Regulated Mods: variable voltage, and variable wattage. Most of these are in the box style of mods, although we have a few regulated pen mods.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods are for the “Cloud Chasers” out there. They pull energy straight from the battery(s) to power the atomizer and can produce the biggest clouds. We tend to steer most people away from these other than enthusiasts because they can be a bit dangerous because of the high power of the batteries.

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